Hi! :)
 Let me introduce myself.

My name Olya , and I'm 22 years old.  I live in Ukraine, in Kyiv City.
 I am very emotional, sensual, intense, and creative person. 
My hobbie is : digital art , painting ,  design  etc.  I love listening music , especially  rock , ethnic,  classic and indie.

So , if you want to  recognize me more , write me in sl (Freezea Resident) I am glad to meet new friends :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi Olya,

First of all, you are an amazing creator. I recognise you as being Orange-Sim...I hope that is correct. I wondered what happened to your Sims 3 work. It seems that your blogspot account is no longer available. Is that intentional? If so, would you ever be willing to make your Sims 3 creations available again? Thanks! (

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